Top 20 Portfolio WordPress Themes

By December 20, 2018September 1st, 2020WordPress

Today, we are rounding up the Top 20 portfolio WordPress themes that you can use for your website. Please keep in mind that this list is not made in any particular order. To find the best theme for you, go through all the features and descriptions of each one.

We believe that a Portfolio website should be eye-catching and organized – it is for this reason why we chose themes that can create stunning layouts. Moreover, we put ourselves in the shoes of site owners and web designers – and we know that a user-friendly back-end (Admin panel) will make the work of creating a website from scratch easy and enjoyable as well. Of course, to run your portfolio site, make sure you’ve chosen a reliable UK WordPress host so your visitors will get a smooth experience and don’t have to wait for ages for your images/portfolio items to load (you can even go with a managed WordPress host if you have the budget, or if you have not much to spend on hosting, have a read of our country-specific hosting comparisons like Canada web host reviews, top web hosting for Australia, UK hosting comparison, and more)).

Below are just some of the things we considered. We believe these are very important for creating a Portfolio site.

  • Ready-made templates – Templates will allow you to set up a site quickly without tinkering with any codes or shortcodes.
  • Customizable – We are encouraging you to create a unique Portfolio – and you can do so even if you’re using templates since these are customizable.
  • Portfolio styles – To showcase your portfolio, we want you to have a lot of choices on how to present them.
  • User-friendly – In today’s world, your website should be accessible and responsive when viewed from different devices.
  • Easy installation – Most of the themes we picked for the Top 20 list come with 1-click installation option.

A Roundup of Today’s Top 20 Portfolio WordPress Themes

1. Photolux WordPress Theme

Photolux WordPress Theme

A great theme for a photography or portfolio website, the Photolux WordPress theme can be used by photographers and individuals who want to showcase their works in a beautiful and organized way. Here are some of its top features:

  1. Skin choices – You can choose from transparent, light, or dark.
  2. Ajax gallery with the following features:
  • Image slider – You can create animated sliders.
  • Image lightbox – You can display a particular item and allow it to open in another page.
  • Video in a lightbox – Your showcased video file can open in a new page for viewing.
  1. Gallery options – You have the following options for your gallery:
  • Image sizes – The default size can be changed at the back-end of WordPress.
  • Gallery pages – You can create an unlimited number of pages for your gallery.
  • Black and white – The theme carries black and white color effects.
  • Ajax categories filter – This feature can be enabled and disabled as needed.
  1. Responsive design – With this theme, your website will look great on screens of different devices. It can also sense finger gestures on touchscreens.
  2. Fullscreen slideshow – You can set slideshows to show in full-screen mode (even the navigation menu can be hidden).

The theme also carries the following features:

  • Theme translation – A .po file is included and words are easily translated.
  • Social icons – Easily set social network icons into your site’s design.
  • Dropdown menu – You can set multiple levels of categories on your site’s menu.
  • Browser-compatible – The theme can be used with Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.
  • Complete documentation – Detailed instructions, examples, and screenshots are included.

Other notable features of the Photolux theme are listed below.

  1. SEO section – The theme allows you to add your niche’s keywords. You can also exclude certain pages from being indexed by search engines.
  2. Disable right-click – Your site visitors will not be able to use the right-click functionality.
  3. Customized logo – You can change the default logo and use your own.
  4. Ajax contact form – Built-in contact form is included.

A stylish and functional website, the Photolux WP theme can be used by beginners (no coding skills required) and experts alike (design can be tweaked).

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2. Konzept WordPress Theme

Konzept WP Theme

Creative professionals can consider the Konzept WordPress theme when making their websites. Should you decide to use this, you will have full control on how to present your site to the public. If you want, you can even give your audience a full-screen experience when they visit your portfolio. Its features include the following:

  1. Photo display – There are category filters to show what a searcher is looking for.
  2. List modules – You can go for text or thumbnails for your listings.
  3. Featured sliders – Choose HTML5 or image videos.
  4. Menu sections – Create pages with the following menu:
  • About Us
  • News
  • Services
  • Blog
  • Contact
  • And more
  1. SEO-Optimized – Easily rank your site and web pages.

More useful features included in the theme are:

  • Social Media icons – For sharing with social network sites.
  • Multi-Categories – Separate your projects per category.
  • Drag and drop – The theme allows you to drag and drop elements when designing your website.
  • Video support – You can use video files from YouTube, Vimeo, etc. You can also upload your own videos.
  • Multi-browser compatible – Can be used on Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Opera, and Edge. It also works for Apple and Android devices.
  • Responsive behavior – Fast loading content when viewed from any device.

Other notable things carried by the theme are as follows:

  1. Image logo – Upload your own brand’s logo
  2. Image animations – Create moving images.
  3. Valid HTML5 – The theme comes with up-to-date HTML code.
  4. Complete documents – Instructions on how to use the theme is included in the package.

Konzept is a highly customizable WordPress theme that gives you full control on how to design your website. Without any coding knowledge, you can upload your projects which consist of texts and images. As for your site visitors, they can access your website using different types of devices. Navigating can be done using keyboard, mouse, trackpad, and touch (for touchscreens).

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3. Cartel WordPress Theme

Cartel Portfolio WordPress Theme

A theme made especially for professional use, the Cartel WP theme can make really nice websites for photographers, photography studios, freelancers, and people from other industries as well. These features standout when you decide to use this theme:

  1. Options panel – You can customize the settings at the back-end of WordPress – logos, fonts, colors, etc.
  2. Unlimited skins – Combine different elements to create a unique-looking website.
  3. Portfolio filter – Put several projects under different categories for a more organized system.
  4. Effects – Zoom in, zoom out, etc.

Here are some more features that go with the theme:

  • Background images – posts and projects can have different backgrounds.
  • PSD Files – You can edit images through photoshop.
  • Sliders – Create sliders for your website. These can also work with touchscreen devices.
  • Ajax contact form – Built-in contact form is included in the theme.
  • Lightbox – Showcase videos and images on your website.

Other features to watch out for are:

  1. Demo content – Pre-made layouts for posts and pages are included in the theme.
  2. Translation-ready – Create a multilingual site with the WPML plugin.
  3. Well-documented – Instructions on how to use the theme is accessible both online and offline.
  4. Supports all major browsers – For use with Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

If you want to create a professional-looking website easily, you can go for the Cartel WordPress theme. It comes with pre-made templates and layouts that would allow you to come up with a truly unique site – that is, without using or tinkering with codes. As for presenting your photographs, you can use a grid or masonry or some other style.

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4. Folioway WordPress Theme

Folioway Portfolio WP Theme

Showcase your portfolio with the Folioway WordPress theme and create a stylish site even if you are not a designer. This way, your audience (clients, site visitors, etc.) will appreciate your content and images more. The theme also carries the following features:

  1. Pixel design – The theme produces clean and clear (not pixelized) images.
  2. Unlimited colors – You can choose color combinations for your main page and background as well.
  3. Slider items – Choose from a wide range of slider designs and use animated images.
  4. Unlimited Sidebars – Use as many sidebars as you need and place widgets inside of them.
  5. Free Visual Composer – The theme includes this premium drag and drop page builder.
  6. Free Ultimate Post Thumbnails – This plugin for featured images is also included for free.
  7. Theme customizer – Tinker with every aspect of your site at the back-end of WordPress.

More impressive features are listed below.

  • One-click demo – Import a demo site that you like and use as your theme.
  • Page options – Create different types of pages easily.
  • Preset Homepage – Use the pre-made Homepage or create your own.
  • Fonts – The theme is integrated with Google fonts (200+).
  • Logo customization – Create and position your brand’s logo anywhere on your site.
  • Ajax contact form – It comes with a built-in contact form (ready to use).

The theme carries other features that can prove to be helpful to you, such as the following:

  1. “Not to touch my code” option – Enable this option to protect your settings from being messed up when there are updates in WordPress.
  2. Multilevel menus – You can set menus to hold several categories.
  3. Social media icons – The theme comes with built-in social media icons, there’s no need to download an additional plugin for said purpose.
  4. Featured images – You can opt to showcase certain images.
  5. Featured videos – You can include a featured video on your site.
  6. Full translations – You can make your site multilingual.
  7. Supports all major browsers – Browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Firefox, and Edge can view your site.

The Folioway WP theme is a powerful and flexible theme to use on your portfolio website. Although it comes with templates, you can still customize them easily. A set of instructions is also included to help you put up your site without any trouble.

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5. eClipse WordPress Theme

eClipse WordPress Theme

The eClipse Portfolio WordPress theme can help you create a unique looking website. If you want to showcase images using the masonry layout, this theme supports said layout in one of its theme options. Of course, it also comes with other important features such as:

  1. Homepage layouts – You can come up with an unlimited number of homepage styles.
  2. Background styles – Choose from different patterns and colors of background.
  3. Unlimited colors – Use any color you want in designing your website.
  4. Skin options – Choose from light or dark skin.
  5. Fullscreen option – You can display images in full screen.

The theme also carries these features:

  • Password-protected Gallery – Enable the password option to limit access to your site’s gallery.
  • Keyboard support – Devices that use keyboards (PCs and laptops) can access your website.
  • SEO-friendly – The theme is coded to be easily found by search engines.
  • Translation-ready – You can turn your site into a multilingual one.
  • GT3 plugin – This page builder plugin is included in the package.

Other things to expect from the theme are as follows:

  1. WooCommerce-ready – If you want to monetize your site, the theme supports WooCommerce.
  2. Page templates – You can use ready-made layouts or edit one to create your own.
  3. One-click demo – Import your chosen layout design from the theme’s demo.
  4. Supports Contact form 7 – The theme is compatible with the Contact Form 7 plugin.
  5. Full documentation – Get instructions on how to use the theme for your website.

If you want a customizable WordPress theme to create a clean, SEO-friendly portfolio site, you can consider using the eClipse theme. The theme is easy to work with and it takes minimal effort to put up a well-designed website.

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6. Hempstead WordPress Theme

Hempstead WP Theme

For a portfolio website that’s clean and minimalistic, you can opt for the Hempstead WordPress theme.? It comes with grid and masonry layout for images and you can customize all settings as needed. Some of its main features are listed below.

  1. Grid system and Masonry layout – Organize the presentation of your photos.
  2. Visual Composer – This premium drag and drop page builder is included in the package.
  3. Once-click demo – Install a sample demo to create your own website.
  4. Demo images – You will see screenshots as a guide on how to customize your site.
  5. Responsive design – Installing the theme will give you a fast loading website with clear images.

More features to expect from the theme are the following:

  • Modern technology – The theme comes with updated CSS and HTML5.
  • Unlimited portfolio layouts – You can set your own categories when organizing a portfolio for your images.
  • Interactive map – Use a live map for showing locations.
  • SEO-optimized – The theme is coded to be SEO-friendly.

There are other important things carried by the theme such as:

  1. Fully documented – A manual of instructions is included in the package.
  2. Page animations – Smooth and fast loading of pages and animated images.
  3. Fonts – The theme supports the use of Google web fonts.
  4. Supports major browsers – People using Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Edge, Safari, and Firefox can all view your website.

The Hempstead WP theme is very flexible in design and can be used for different purposes. As a powerful portfolio website, you can use it to showcase photos, products, and more. The theme is also SEO-friendly if you are concerned about ranking your site.

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7. Arnold WordPress Theme

Arnold Portfolio WordPress Theme

Arnold is a premium WordPress theme that can produce a modern, minimalist portfolio design. Professionals can use this theme and find it easy to use because of its lightweight coding. With a website built with this theme, you can present your work to your clients and employers in a professional way. Here are some of the features it carries:

  1. Portfolio builder – It comes with a built-in drag and drop module for easily creating page layouts.
  2. Unlimited color schemes – Use different shades of colors when designing your site.
  3. Fonts – Get access to 600+ Google fonts.
  4. Demo import – Pick a demo you like and clone it for your own use.
  5. SEO-optimized – You can easily work on ranking your website and pages on the search engines.

Here are some more features to expect from the theme:

  • Social Media links – Activate social media share buttons.
  • Translation-ready – A .po file is included to easily convert your site to another language.
  • HD content – Get clear text content and images.
  • Supports WooCommerce – You can use your website to sell products on the internet. Since the theme is WooCommerce compatible, you can easily add a shopping cart to your site.

Other features to look out for should you decide to get the theme are:

  1. Header options – You have the option of positioning your header to the left, right, middle, etc.
  2. Customized logo – Use your brand image or text design using Google font.
  3. Contact Form 7 compatible – You can use the plugin for your Contact form.
  4. Fully documented – Instructions on how to use the theme is included in the package.
  5. Supports WordPress widgets – You can use custom WP widgets when designing your layout.
  6. Supports WordPress featured thumbnails – Use the plugin to showcase images in thumbnails.

Present your portfolio in the best light possible by using the Arnold WP theme. With its drag and drop page builder, you can easily create and customize your site. Note, too, that its lightweight coding allows the theme to load images quickly.

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8. Air WordPress Theme

Air Portfolio WP Theme

Air is a light-coded theme that can well-present a creative portfolio website. With its customizable options, those with photography studios and agencies will benefit most from the theme. Likewise, freelancers and bloggers who want customized portfolios for their niches will also find the theme attractive. Some of its features are listed below.

  1. Unlimited layout designs – Create layouts with columns and spacings according to your preferences.
  2. Project layouts – Image portfolios can be posted with a lot of options to choose from.
  3. Customizable footer – These are just some of the elements you can place on the footer area of your site:
  • Logo
  • Copyright
  • Social media links
  1. Page builder – The theme comes with its very own page builder to create your site easily.
  2. Demo import – Sample websites can be cloned and customized to create your own unique site.

The theme also comes with these:

  • Portfolio styles – You can choose the grid or masonry layout for your photography works.
  • Width options – The total width of your site can be full-width, normal, or full-width filled.
  • Column options – Design your site with 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 columns.
  • Spacing options – Choose from no spacing, normal spacing, or narrow spacing.
  • Header layouts – You can use standard menu, centered menu with social icons, hidden menu, and more.

Other?features included in the theme are:

  1. SEO-optimized – The theme is coded to be SEO-friendly.
  2. WooCommerce compatible – You can use WooCommerce with the theme if you’re selling your work or products.
  3. Retina-ready – Contents are clearly viewed from any major device.
  4. Responsive – Theme is quick to respond to commands and gestures (for touchscreens).
  5. Fonts – You have access to over 600 Google fonts.

You can consider the Air WP theme is you’re particularly creating a portfolio site. It comes with pre-made layouts and pages that you can further customize according to your preference. Moreover, designing your site is made easier by its built-in drag and drop page builder.

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9. Werkstatt WordPress Theme

Werstatt WordPress Theme

If you want to create a visually stunning but functional website, consider the Werkstatt WordPress theme. This is a highly customizable theme and it comes with pre-made pages and templates. The following are some of its top features:

  1. One-click theme demos – Clone and import a ready-made website layout to use as your own (you can also customize it).
  2. Visual Composer plugin – Use drag and drop method to move elements around when customizing your site’s design.
  3. Portfolio styles – Choose from pre-made portfolio styles and tweak to conform with your desired result.
  4. Page editor – You can import certain elements in a pre-made layout (instead of importing the whole thing).
  5. Portfolio header styles – Choose from at least 7 designs of headers when setting up your portfolio section.
  6. Auto-detect filter for Portfolio – Users can filter results when inside the Portfolio section of your site.

More useful things to expect from the theme are as follows:

  • Blog Styles – The theme has at least 7 pre-made blog page styles.
  • Paginations options – You can set the loading option as Regular pages, Infinite scroll or Load more.
  • Fonts – You get access to more than 800 Google fonts and more than 2,000 Adobe Typekit fonts.
  • WooCommerce support – The theme works well with WooCommerce (should you decide to create an e-commerce site).
  • Menu Styles – You can create menus with different layouts and effects. And if you want, you can also customize pre-made layouts.
  • Sounds – You can include sound effects such as background music and sound for clicks.
  • Other effects – Add menu animations and hover effects.

Other features found in the theme are:

  1. WPML compatible – Create a multilingual site by installing the plugin.
  2. SEO-optimized – The theme is coded in a way that will not hurt your site’s ranking on the SERPS.
  3. High-quality framework – Get smooth and clear animations, not pixelized.
  4. Footer styles – You can create 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 footer areas.

Make your portfolio website beautiful and fun to create when you go for the Wekstatt WP theme. Use sound effects, animations and more without knowing a thing about codes. The site itself is also easy to create because the theme includes pre-made templates that can be further be customized according to your needs.

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10. Blund WordPress Theme

Blund WP Theme

For a minimalistic but creative portfolio site, you can consider the Blund WordPress theme. You can do a lot of customizations with the theme even if you are not skilled at coding. It is for this reason why the theme makes for a great choice for photographers, hobbyists, freelancers and people from other creative fields. Some of its topmost features are as follows:

  1. Portfolio versions – Choose from at least 12 layout options when creating the portfolio section of your site.
  2. Portfolio details page- There are at least 3 options to choose from when designing the portfolio details page.
  3. King Composer – The theme comes with King Composer drag and drop page builder.
  4. SEO-friendly – Careful coding makes the theme SEO-friendly and easy to rank.
  5. Pre-made Layouts – At least 32 layouts come with the theme and can be used as is.
  6. Homepage variations – You can choose from at least 8 styles of homepage.
  7. Menu versions – Choose from at least 8 menu designs.

The theme comes with more useful features as such the following:

  • Sidebar options – You can create a website with or without sidebars.
  • Browser-compatible – Can be used with Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Opera.
  • Bootstrap 4 – The theme uses the latest version of Bootstrap.
  • HTML5 and CSS3 – It uses up-to-date codes.
  • Responsive design – Works well with major devices of different sizes of screen.

Other things to look out for when you get this theme are:

  1. Sliders – Create sliders to showcase your content easily.
  2. Carousel – Include a beautiful carousel to present your work.
  3. Complete documentation – An instruction manual is included in the package.
  4. Updates – The theme comes with free lifetime updates.

With the Blund WP theme, you can drag and drop elements in a layout to create your very own unique website. You can also present a portfolio of your works in various creative ways even if you have no idea about coding.

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11. Solonick WordPress Theme

Solonick Portfolio WordPress Theme

If you’re planning on showing your work to your clients through a portfolio website, you can do so by using the Solonick WordPress theme. It’s a multi-purpose theme that can be used by photographers, fashion designers, musicians, architects, video producers, and more. See below for more details on its features.

  1. Versions – You can create a one-page or multi-page site.
  2. Homepage styles – Choose from at least 9 pre-made homepage styles.
  3. Portfolio pages – There are several pre-made portfolio page templates to choose from.
  4. Portfolio details – There are different styles of details pages that you can use for your portfolio section.
  5. Admin panel – You can control your site’s content and design from the back-end of WordPress.

More features included in the theme’s design are as follows:

  • Visual Composer included – Elements can be dragged and dropped at the back-end of WordPress and at the front-end of your site.
  • Slider Revolution included – Create sliders to show your content.
  • Responsive design – Your site will load fast when accessed from different devices.
  • MailChimp subscribe – Email marketing option included.
  • Shortcode generator – You don’t need to manually create codes to design your website.
  • Custom widgets – Ready-to-use widgets are included in the package.

Others things to expect from the theme are:

  1. Clean coding – Although the theme has well-structured codes, these can still be tweaked and extended by a developer.
  2. SEO-optimized – The theme is SEO-friendly and is very helpful in ranking a site.
  3. Fonts and icons – Hundreds of Google fonts and over 2,000 icons can be used in designing your site.
  4. Browser-compatible – Works well with Internet Explorer, Edge, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.
  5. Full documentation – Instructions on how to use the theme is included.
  6. Free updates – The first purchase entitles you to a lifetime of free updates.

Solonick WP theme is a good option for a creating a portfolio website. You can create beautiful, professional-looking sites with it with minimal effort. The theme also comes with pre-made templates that you can use and customize as you please.

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12. Thecs WordPress Theme

Thecs Portfolio WP Theme

With its horizontal layout, Thecs WordPress theme makes for an ideal theme for photographers, design agencies, freelancers, and more. You know, those people who want to showcase their portfolios in a creative way. This particular theme has the following features:

  1. Horizontal scrolling – Images are displayed using a horizontal layout (with 1, 2, or 3 rows).
  2. 1-click install – Demo template samples can be imported and used as is or customized further.
  3. Shortcode editing – The theme comes with codes and shortcodes generator. You won’t need to deal with coding as reading codes is automatically done by the shortcode generator.
  4. Theme styles – Choose from light or dark style.
  5. Toolkits included – The theme carries an icon selector and over 700 Google fonts.

Here are some more features to expect from the theme:

  • Ajax-driven – The site is quick to respond.
  • Styling options – You can easily change the colors, background image, fonts, etc.
  • WooCommerce compatible – You can download the WooCommerce plugin and sell your work or items through your website.
  • Contact form 7 – The theme is compatible with the contact plugin.

Other things to expect from the theme’s package include the following:

  1. Gallery styles – There are 2 gallery styles to choose from and both can be customized.
  2. Blog – There are 2 blog styles to choose from.
  3. Image manager – Images can be easily uploaded.

The Thecs WP theme makes for a good portfolio website as it comes with customization features that are easy to use. It is especially designed with a horizontal layout so as to display images in a unique way. Also, the back-end control of this theme is user-friendly and easy to manipulate.

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13. Sepia WordPress Theme

Sepia WordPress Theme

Made for photographers, design studios, photo agencies, bloggers, travelers, and freelancers, the Sepia WordPress theme offers users a lot of options to customize their websites. Below is a list of some of its main features:

  1. Skin versions – Choose to use either the dark skin or light skin.
  2. 1-click demo – Clone a sample demo to use as your own layout.
  3. Contact page – The theme comes with 3 contact form designs. It is also compatible with Contact Form 7.
  4. Content carousel – Display your content in an attractive way.
  5. Homepage styles – Customize your homepage in an unlimited number of ways.

The theme also carries the following:

  • Drag and drop page builder – Arrange elements the way you want to present them on your live website.
  • WPML compatible – The theme works with the plugin to allow users to translate your site’s content to their own languages.
  • Google maps – You can include Google maps in your design (if you need to point to locations).
  • Responsive design – Response rate is fast on major devices.

Other features found on the theme are:

  1. Video compatibility – You can create a portfolio of videos.
  2. Album page – There are at least 18 page styles to choose from.
  3. Gallery page – There are 16 styles that you can use to display your work.
  4. Blog styles – Create your blog page in layout style, post style, or single style.
  5. Footer options – The theme currently has 6 footer areas.
  6. Cross-browser usability – The theme is compatible with Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, Safari, Firefox, and Opera.

The Sepia WP theme allows you to build a unique, creative, and beautiful portfolio website through customization. It’s simple to use because it comes with a drag and drop page builder. Moreover, the theme has a lot of templates that can be used immediately.

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14. Leedo WordPress Theme

Leedo WP Theme

Leedo WordPress theme has a modern design that can create a professional-looking portfolio website. Using the latest technologies, you can customize your site just the way you want it. Here are just some of its top features:

  1. Homepages – The theme comes with at least 12 templates for the Homepage.
  2. Visual editor – Create your portfolio layout on the spot.
  3. Shortcode generator – You don’t need to manually enter codes in creating posts and layouts.
  4. Blog styles – You can create a blog with a portfolio section or a customized blog layout.
  5. Header styles – There are pre-made header templates that you can use immediately or customize one to make it your own.

Here are some more features to expect from the theme:

  • WooCommerce compatible – The theme comes with a shopping layout that would work well with WooCommerce.
  • Slider Revolution – Display your content by using a slider.
  • WPBakery page builder – drag and drop elements in the way that you want to design your site.
  • Theme styles – It has more than 10 web page designs and inner pages styles that you can combine.
  • GDPR (Ground Data Protection Ready) – The theme is compatible with the GDPR plugin.
  • Responsive design – Website looks good on different screens and devices.

These are some of the other things that the theme carries:

  1. Ultimate Add-Ons – It’s a plugin that works with WPBakery in adding more elements to your site’s design.
  2. Template manager – Templatera plugin is included in the theme to use with WPBakery.
  3. Fully customizable – It comes with tools and settings for you to use as you please.
  4. Theme wizard – Theme authors can further customize the site’s designs.
  5. SEO-ready – Your site will be visible in search engines and bring in more visitors.
  6. Footer areas – You can design and use as many footer areas as you want.
  7. Social Media – Share your site’s content via social network sites.

As you can see, the Leedo WP theme can help you create a beautiful and functional website quickly and easily. And the best part of it all is that you can design your portfolio site in a very unique way.

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15. Berly WordPress Theme

Berly WordPress Theme

Berly WordPress theme can create a modern portfolio theme with all the elements that you need for your site. Photographers, studios, vendors, bloggers, and freelancers will find the theme useful in displaying (and selling) their works. See some of the theme’s features below.

  1. Visual Composer – This drag and drop plugin is built into the theme. It allows you to tweak on your site from the back-end and front-end as well.
  2. 1-click demo – Quickly clone a demo design to make your own website from the template.
  3. Slider Revolution – Showcase your content on a slider.
  4. Custom widgets – The theme has custom widgets that you can place on sidebars.
  5. Contact Form 7 – Style the contact form to suit your taste.
  6. Admin panel – Customize your site’s design from the back-end of WordPress easily.

More things to expect from the theme are the following:

  • Clean codes – The theme is properly coded but developers can still tweak the codes to further customize the site’s design.
  • REDUX framework – The theme’s framework is simple but expandable.
  • SEO-friendly – Your site will be visible to search engines.
  • Responsive design – Sites made with the theme will look good on major devices (with large and small screens).
  • Google fonts – Use hundreds of fonts with the theme.

Other features to expect from the theme are:

  1. Cross-browser compatibility – Works with Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, Opera, and Firefox.
  2. Ongoing updates – Free updates for life.
  3. Full documentation – Berly comes with a set of instructions on how to use the theme.

With its clean and minimalistic design, the Berly WP theme can make really nice portfolio websites for different industries. Keep in mind that it’s highly customizable and there are templates that are ready to use.

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16. Thefe WordPress Theme

Thefe Portfolio WordPress Theme

Building a portfolio site is made easy with the Thefe WP theme. Not only can you build a customized (unique) website with the theme, you can also do so easily. See the theme’s major features below.

  1. 1-click installation – The theme comes with demos that can be imported at the back-end of WordPress to put up a site in minutes.
  2. Portfolio styles – Choose from at least 6 styles of portfolio layouts.
  3. Color styles – There are light and dark colors to choose from.
  4. Shortcode generator – There’s no need for you to handle coding as the generator will create the shortcodes for you.
  5. Theme options – Quickly change your layout’s color, background, style, fonts, and more.

The theme also has these:

  • Ajax driven – Images load quickly and navigating through the site is smooth.
  • Back-end control – It’s easy to customize your site from the back-end of WordPress.
  • WooCommerce compatible – You can use the plugin for selling anything.
  • Supports Contact Form 7 – You can install the free plugin and use the Contact form on your website.
  • Media compatibility – You can add videos from YouTube and Vimeo and other video sharing sites.

Other things carried by the theme are as follows:

  1. Blog styles – If you’re creating a blog site or a blog page, know that there are 3 layouts to choose from.
  2. Responsive design – Your live site is easy on the eyes and easy to manipulate.
  3. Fonts – You can access hundreds of Google fonts when designing your website.

The Thefe WP theme comes with flexible, customizable layouts to create your dream portfolio website. It’s very easy to use as no coding skills is required to design your site. The theme also comes with ready-made templates that can be used right away.

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17. Rubrash WordPress Theme

Rubrash WP Theme

You can create a creative portfolio website with the Rubrash WordPress theme – be it a personal site or business site for web designers, photographers, media agencies, or other fields with similar requirements. Here are some of its most important features:

  1. Demo pages – The theme has at least 9 demos of web pages.
  2. 1-click install – You can clone a demo page by installing it on your WordPress site.
  3. Options panel – You can create your website without coding as selecting from the options panel will result in a customized layout.
  4. WPBakery – This drag and drop plugin will enable you to work on your site’s elements from the front-end and back-end of your site.
  5. Slider Revolution – You can present your portfolio content on a slider.


  • Admin panel – Customize any section of your website on your WordPress Dashboard.
  • Custom Header – You can use the sample header as is or customize it.
  • Custom Footer – Users can customize the look of their sites’ footers.
  • Mobile-friendly – Mobile device users can access the full functionality of the site.
  • Bootstrap framework – The theme is built with the latest HTML framework.

Other features that you will find useful include the following:

  1. MailChimp compatible – Use MailChimp’s subscription function.
  2. Contact form 7 – Use this simple plugin as your site’s contact form.
  3. Blog page – The theme carries blog layouts that can be customized to fit your requirements.
  4. Fonts – You can use over 500 Google fonts to design your website.
  5. Cross-browser compatibility – Use with Internet Explorer, Edge, Safari, Chrome, Opera, and Firefox.

Rubrash is a flexible WordPress theme that can present different types of content (images, texts, videos, etc.). Since there are ready-made templates for you to use, there’s no need to learn about coding. The drag and drop interface also makes designing a site easy and fun.

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18. Adios WordPress Theme

Adios Portfolio WP Theme


The Adios WordPress theme comes with a powerful design to enable you to create for yourself a unique portfolio website. With tools and templates that you can use to your heart’s desire, you will be able to bring your ideas to life with just a few clicks. If you are considering getting this theme, it comes with the following features:

  1. Homepage demos – There are at least 9 demo samples of homepage that you can clone and customize as your own.
  2. Visual Composer – This drag and drop page builder will enable you to create your site easily.
  3. Custom slider – The theme comes with a built-in slider that you can set to present your content beautifully.
  4. Portfolio styles – Go for 1, 3 or 4 columns. You can also opt for the masonry style when displaying images on your portfolio.
  5. Menu type – You can display your menu horizontally or vertically.

Here are more features to look out for if you get this theme:

  • SEO-friendly – The theme will help your site and posts rank on search engines.
  • Translation-ready – You can opt to make a multilingual site.
  • 1-click demo – Import templates from samples and further customize it to the way you want it to be.
  • Video tutorials – It comes with video lessons and instructions on how to use the theme.
  • Fonts – Access over 700 Google fonts.

Other theme features include the following:

  1. Widget options – The theme comes with custom widgets that you can place on your site’s sidebars.
  2. Shortcode generator – There’s a built-in plugin that handles codes in designing your website.
  3. Page templates – It comes with ready-made templates that you can use as much as you want when creating your own site’s pages.
  4. Post format – Easily create standard posts and posts with images and videos.
  5. Responsive design – Smooth operation on different devices (e.g. desktops, tablets, smartphones, etc.).

If you want to create a really unique website, the Adios WP theme can help you do that. It comes with pre-made pages and templates that can be customized any way you like it. You also don’t need any coding skills to use this theme as it has its own shortcode generator. All you have to do is drag and drop elements on their respective places to create your own customized site.

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19. Gnoli WordPress Theme

Gnoli WP Theme

You can use the Gnoli WordPress theme to create a multipurpose portfolio website. It comes with visually stunning but easy-to-build layouts that you can customize. The theme can, therefore, work as a minimalistic or elaborate site. Let’s look at some of its features below.

  1. Homepage layouts – There are at least 4 pre-made layouts that you can use for your site.
  2. Portfolio styles – Choose from several portfolio layouts.
  3. Visual Composer – This premium drag and drop page builder is included in the package.
  4. 1-click demo install – You can easily clone a sample page and use it for your website.
  5. Demo instructions – Screenshots are included in the instructions on how to use the theme.
  6. Shortcodes generator – The theme has a built-in shortcodes generator in order to properly design the site without you having to do any of the codings yourself.

Here are some more important features that go with the theme:

  • SEO-friendly – Search engines will index your site and its contents.
  • Custom Contact form – A working contact form is included in the theme.
  • 404 page – The theme includes a pre-made 404 page to display error.
  • Powered with Bootstrap – It comes with the latest HTML framework.
  • Google map – The theme is integrated with Google map to show locations.

The theme also comes with these:

  1. Font icons – You can use over 600 fonts in designing your site.
  2. Cross-browser compatibility – The theme is compatible with Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, FireFox and Opera.
  3. Fully documented – A detailed instruction manual is included in the package.

If you want a portfolio website that’s SEO-friendly and mobile-friendly, you can consider the Gnoli WP theme. It comes with A LOT of pre-made templates that can also be customized easily.

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20. Grand WordPress Theme

Grand WordPress Theme

Creative folks will love the Grand WordPress theme because it’s comprised of tools that can help you build a wonderful portfolio website. If you are a fashion designer, photographer, blogger or freelancer in a creative industry, this theme is worth checking out. The list of features below will give you an idea if this is for you.

  1. Gallery modules – Display your work in a unique manner.
  2. Blog layouts – You can include images and videos in your gallery section.
  3. Fullscreen gallery – Show off your work in a wide screen.
  4. Scrolling options – If you have a lot of content in your gallery, you can set the scrolling to auto load or with a button for viewing new items.
  5. 1-click demo – Import and clone a pre-made template.

Here are some more features to expect from the theme:

  • WooCommerce compatible – You can install the WooCommerce plugin and use it with the theme.
  • Live customizer – See the results instantly as you’re working on customizing your site.
  • Drag and drop builder – Create the pages on your site by dragging elements to their designated places.
  • Portfolio and gallery layouts – Choose from boxed or full frame design. You can also create a 1-page portfolio or a full gallery to showcase your work.
  • Menu layout options – You can opt for left-aligned, centered, or top menu. It can also be vertical or transparent – it’s totally up to you.

The theme also carries these features:

  1. Slider Revolution – This premium plugin is included for free and you can use it to display your works (or products).
  2. iLightbox – Use this plugin to highlight featured content.
  3. SEO-friendly – The theme is coded in such a way that your posts and site itself are easily found by search engines.
  4. Custom sidebars and widgets – The theme comes with its own sidebars and widgets for immediate use.
  5. Translation support – You can install the WPML plugin to make your content translatable into different languages.
  6. Responsive design – The theme is built to look good on desktop and mobile devices.

The Grand WP theme comes with user-friendly page building tools that will help you put up a portfolio website in minutes. Of course, it will take more time to fully customize a theme in order to make it truly unique – but still, you can do this easily with the theme’s drag and drop tool.

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Which WordPress Theme to Go For?

Your choice of theme will depend on your needs, your work, or your intention in building a portfolio site. Choose from the above list and go for the theme that can display your work the way you want to.

Also, choose the theme that you are comfortable to work with. Most of the themes included here don’t need further coding, but some can be tweaked and developed further. Again, look at each theme’s description to find out which works best for you, your client and your audience.