Top 20 Minimalist WordPress Themes

By December 18, 2018September 10th, 2020WordPress

Minimalist WordPress themes are able to create clean and simple websites. Having an uncluttered look is pleasing to the eyes – and, as long as you keep the elements on your site functional, your website will serve its purpose (assuming you’re running the site on a speedy WordPress host).

A minimalist look works for a lot of sites such as the following:

  • Business – Whether your site is intended for corporate use, as an online store, or other money-making endeavors, you can employ a minimalist look. It certainly makes selling (ideas, products, services) easier.
  • Personal – Even if you don’t intend to monetize your site, you can choose to go for a minimalist theme. A clean look is always pleasing to the eyes.
  • Blog – Bloggers can either use their blogs to make money or just to express themselves. In both cases, if you are using a WordPress platform, you can choose to use a minimalist theme. It simply works great, that’s all – and blogs and bloggers aim for that.

When we rounded up today’s Top 20 minimalist WordPress themes, we considered a lot of things – some of which are:

  1. Work with or without coding knowledge – Both professionals and beginners can use the themes.
  2. Easy to set up – Here are just some of the things that’ll make putting up a site very easy:
  • Drag and drop system – No coding skills required.
  • Templates – You don’t have to start from scratch – and again, no coding knowledge required.
  • Columns – Choose the number of columns you want for your website.
  • Sliders – Having sliders will make your site more attractive and stylish and will also allow you to display featured posts, pages, or products on one page.
  1. Responsive design – To cater to people using different types of devices when accessing the Internet (desktops, tablets, smartphones, etc.).
  2. SEO-Friendly – You want to rank your site in search engines – especially if you’re running a business.
  3. Translation-ready or Multilingual support – Your website can accommodate a worldwide audience.

Today’s Top 20 Minimalist WordPress Themes

1. Kleanity WordPress Theme

Kleanity WordPress ThemeAs its name suggests, this WP theme aims to have a clean interface at the front-end of your site. Here are its most important features:

  1. Page builder – Use the drag and drop method to build your site and content.
  2. High-quality Homepage templates – It comes with demos that you can clone to make your own website.
  3. 19 Header styles – You can choose from 19 options when creating headers (site title and menu tabs) for your site.

Other important features of the Kleanity theme are as follows:

  1. Supports all types of major devices – People using PCs and handheld devices can view your site perfectly.
  2. Advanced Admin area – From the back-end of your WordPress platform, you can easily change the layout, header, colors, etc. of your site.
  3. Custom Skins – You can choose to create (and customize) your own website’s skin.
  4. Supports WooCommerce – It works well with WooCommerce if you want to use your site as an online store.
  5. Supports WPML – You can make your site multilingual for worldwide use.
  6. Live Customizer – Instantly view your changes as you edit your website’s theme options.

Here are some more features to look forward to when you decide to get the Kleanity Minimalist WordPress theme.

  • 14 Blog layouts – Customize your site’s blog section as you want it.
  • 9 Portfolio layouts – Display your portfolio section using your chosen style.
  • 6 Gallery layouts – Choose from different options when making your gallery section.
  • SEO-friendly – Search engines will find your site, posts, and pages easily.
  • Unlimited sidebars – Place sidebars on different areas of your web pages.
  • Slider Revolution – A free premium plugin for setting sliders on your website.
  • Google fonts – You can access over 700 fonts from Google’s font library.
  • Customized fonts – If you have your own fonts, you can use them by uploading these through the Theme option.

As you can see, the Kleanity WP theme can give you a simple but functional website. Aside from having ready-made templates, you can also clone their demo sites to fit your needs. Needless to say, customizing this theme is really easy (even for beginner WordPress users).

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2. Aeolus WordPress Theme

Aeolus WP ThemeIf you’re particularly looking for a minimalist WordPress theme for your corporate business, you can consider the Aeolus theme. Its layout can make an impressive portfolio section that would be good for any type of business. Among its most important features are the following:

  1. Custom post type – You can add style to your posts slideshow.
  2. WordPress 3.X – It supports WP systems from 3.X up.
  3. Custom page templates – There are ready-to-use templates to quickly set up your site.
  4. User-friendly shortcodes – If you know a little about shortcodes, you can easily apply your knowledge of that when using this theme.
  5. Translation-ready – The package comes with a .po file.

To further make it easy to customize your site and make it user-friendly, the Aeolus theme also offers these:

  • Widget-ready sidebars – Widgets can be dragged and dropped onto the sidebars section at the back-end of your site.
  • Built-in Ajax contact form – This contact form comes with a validation feature. There’s no need to install another contact form plugin.
  • Gravatar support – Users with gravatars can use their images while they’re on your website.
  • Cross-browser compatible – People using Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, and Firefox can view your site.
  • Powerful theme options – The theme options in the Admin are easy to manipulate.

With the Aeolus WordPress theme, you can create a minimalist website with a truly responsive and functional interface. Note, too, that this theme is easy to use and customize – so, you can really design your site as you want it. In fact, your readers and site visitors will also find your website attractive and useful.

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3. Yusuf WordPress Theme

Yusuf Minimalist WordPress ThemeThe Yusuf Minimalist WordPress theme is a smart and creative option for a website. Although its layouts and templates are made to be simple, the overall appeal of your site is professional. With its clean interface, there’s no doubt about it that your site readers and followers will get to focus on your content. If the features below are important to you, you can consider getting the Yusuf theme.

  1. Front-end tools – The design tool can be accessed at the front-end. You can even change the colors of elements on your site easily.
  2. Responsive design – The theme is made to be responsive even when accessed through mobile gadgets with small screens.
  3. Fully customizable – You can mix and match different elements in your website to end up with a unique look.
  4. 10 Shortcodes – If you are into coding, you will enjoy tinkering with this site’s shortcodes.
  5. Ajax technology – Loading portfolio items is fast and easy.
  6. Translation-ready – .po and .mo files are included in the package.
  7. SEO-Optimized – This theme is clean coded to make it SEO-friendly.
  8. Page Templates – Ready-made templates for the following pages are ready to use:
  • Home
  • Contact
  • Portfolio
  • Blog
  • Default

This theme also features the following:

  1. Social Media icons – Includes icons of the most popular social media networks today such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.
  2. Portfolio items and posts support system – Easily manage your site’s gallery, audio, and video files easily.
  3. YellowPencil editor – Includes 3 colors of palettes, 50+ animations, 600+ Google fonts, and more.

The Yusuf WordPress Theme makes for a good choice when looking out to buy a minimalist theme. Its responsive design will allow your website to be viewed from almost any types of computer devices (smartphones, desktops, etc.). Since this theme is also SEO-ready, you can proceed with your SEO campaign without any trouble when ranking your site. And since you have a worldwide audience, you’ll be glad to know that this theme is also translation-ready.

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4. Rabia WordPress Theme

Rabia WordPress ThemeFor a personal website that aims to have a minimalistic look, the Rabia theme is worth checking out. You can make a simple portfolio with this theme, but still design it in a professional manner. Just look at its top features:

  1. 2 Header settings – You can design your site for personal use or for business use (small businesses).
  2. 10 shortcodes – You will find this theme interesting if you are knowledgeable with codes.
  3. Responsive design – Your website will look good when viewed from different screens (large and small).
  4. Ajax technology – Loading posts and portfolio elements are done quickly.
  5. Translation-ready – The package comes with .po and .mo files.
  6. SEO-optimized – The theme was coded with search engines in mind.
  7. Compatible with child theme – Both parent theme and child theme are included in the Rabia theme.
  8. Demo XML – With one click, you can immediately get the data from a demo XML to your WordPress Admin area.

The Rabia WordPress Theme also comes with these useful features:

  • Unlimited portfolio pages – If you want to create a lot of portfolio pages, know that this theme can handle it.
  • Ready-to-use font icons – Over 400 font icons are included in the theme’s package.
  • YellowPencil editor – Tinker with visual CSS using the YellowPencil styling tool. It also comes with at least 300 background patterns, 50+ animations, and over 600 Google web fonts.
  • Social Media icons – Includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Twitter, SoundCloud, Skype, and more.
  • Page templates – For Home, Contact, Blog, Portfolio, etc.

When it comes to features and design quality, the Rabia WordPress theme is one of the best ones out there. It’s also easy to set up and highly customizable. Keep in mind, too, that this theme is SEO-friendly – that’s a bonus?if you are concerned about ranking your website.

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5. MaxStore WordPress Theme

MaxStore WP ThemeFor a modern, professional and minimalist website, the MaxStore theme is highly recommendable. This particular theme will work well for businesses about food, fashion, sports, and more. Check the theme’s features below.

  1. One-click installation – It comes with a theme package that can be set up quickly.
  2. 12+ demo layouts – You can choose from several Homepage layouts.
  3. Unlimited colors – You can use different color combinations when designing your site.
  4. Unlimited Header and Footer styles – Styles and colors of Header and Footer can be customized. And if you’re going to use a logo, you can place it at the left, center, or right side of the Header.
  5. Mega menu – You can place tabs with categories on your products and services.

The MaxStore WordPress theme also offers the following:

  • Layout variations – You can choose from left sidebar, right sidebar, and no sidebar.
  • Slider options – Choose from boxed slider, grid slider, and full-width slider.
  • Category page columns – You can choose from 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 columns.
  • Catalogue theme settings – Shopping options, prices, add to cart, and more.
  • No coding required – You can use the theme even without knowing a thing about HTML codes and shortcodes.
  • SEO-friendly – The theme was coded in such a way that search engines will find your website and posts easily.

The theme also has these:

  1. Multilingual support – Users from other countries can translate the wordings found on your site. Even currencies from other countries are supported when making a purchase.
  2. Unlimited colors – You can easily change the color theme of your site.
  3. Product variations – You can customize the way you present your products, sidebar positions, zoom effects, and more.
  4. Free plugins – You get Visual Composer and Slider Revolution with the theme’s package.

The MaxStore WordPress theme carries a minimalist, multipurpose design that you can use for different business categories. However, this theme works best for online shops and other similar businesses. So, if you want to put up an online store, this theme makes for a good choice. Not only will you be able to present your products in various layout plans, but you can also customize your store in a way that you really like.

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6. Hyperion WordPress Theme

Hyperion Minimalist WordPress ThemeThis modern WordPress theme is indeed minimalistic as it comes with a clean design. Note that although it supports the WordPress 3.X system, it also supports the new features embodied in the WordPress 4.X. Therefore, it’s coded to improve the capabilities of the latest WP platform. Here are just some of the things that you can expect from this theme:

  1. 4 different Homepages – You can choose from 4 styles of Homepages (depending on your type of business).
  2. Custom post type – You can customize posts for your slideshow.
  3. Templates for custom pages – You can quickly create your ideal website by choosing from the available templates of the theme.
  4. User-friendly shortcodes – The theme was coded in a simple manner.
  5. Translation-ready – If your online store caters to different countries, know that the theme’s package comes with a .po file.

The Hyperion WordPress Theme also comes with the following features:

  • Widget-ready sidebars – You can drag and drop widgets onto the sidebars.
  • 7 custom widgets – Use the theme’s widgets on your site.
  • Contact Form 7-ready – The theme is compatible with the Contact Form 7 plugin.
  • Supports Gravatar – Gravatar users can use their images on your site.
  • Threaded comments – The theme can handle long threads of conversations.

Other useful components you will find in the Hyperion theme are:

  • Admin theme options – For working on site customization from the back-end.
  • PSD files are included – You can edit photoshop images.
  • Documented – Instructions are included in the theme package to make full use of the theme.

You will find the Hyperion theme easy to customize according to your needs. There are a lot of options to choose from and you don’t need any coding experience to use it. Still, both professionals and beginner users of the WordPress platform will find it helpful in building a website.

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7. Crown WordPress Theme

Crown WP ThemeThe Crown WP Theme is another minimalist theme that comes with a fresh layout. It’s very easy to customize so as to make it unique. See if these features are important to you:

  1. 6 Skins – Choose from different colors of Skin for your website. Color options include green, red, blue, orange, gray, and brown.
  2. Background patterns – To make your site truly unique, you can use a background design that suits your taste.
  3. Dropdown menu – You can create several layers of categories on the theme’s dropdown menu.
  4. Custom page template – Just choose the layout that you like and fill it with your content.
  5. Supports post thumbnails – Resized images still come out sharp and clear.

More features are found in the Crown WordPress theme. Just check these out:

  • Custom shortcodes – If you want to customize the coding, you can do so.
  • Translation-ready – A .po file is included in the theme package.
  • Ajax Contact form – The theme comes with a built-in Contact form with validation feature.
  • Admin theme options – You can further customize your site by tweaking from the back-end.
  • Column style – This theme offers a simple 2-column layout.

Additional features that you will surely find useful in the theme:

  1. Widget-ready sidebar – The theme’s sidebar areas are ready for widgets.
  2. Widget-ready footer – Widgets can be placed at the footer area.
  3. 7 custom widgets – Pick the theme widgets that you need and use them right then and there.

While very simple in design, the Crown WordPress theme is packed with many useful features. It also comes with a responsive layout for all types of devices – because as you know, that’s very important with today’s consumers.

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8. Famita WordPress Theme

Famita WordPress ThemeThe Famita e-commerce WP theme is minimalistic as it is functional. Its modern look doesn’t neglect the fact that people need to focus on your content and the details presented on your site. It’s an ideal theme for people looking to set up an online store for clothes, furniture, cosmetics, accessories, and more. Here are some of its most notable features:

  1. 13+ Homepages – You can choose from Homepages with sliders, page builders, and more.
  2. Customization options – You can combine different elements when creating your very own unique website.
  3. Shop styles – Your site can be comprised of 3, 4, 5 or 6 columns.
  4. Product details – You can include videos, shopping cart, Wishlist, zoom effects, etc.
  5. 5 Header styles – Navigation menus and tabs can be customized to appear in the middle, to the left or to the right.
  6. 2 blog styles – You can choose from 2 pre-made blog layouts or create (customize) your own.

If you’re considering getting the Famita theme, keep in mind that it also carries the following:

  • Ready-made pages – Templates for About Us, Contact Us, Coming Soon, FAQs and 404 Error are included in the package.
  • 1-click installer – Layouts from their demo site can be cloned to make your own site.
  • Optimized coding – The theme’s codes are SEO-friendly and fast-loading.
  • Free Visual Composer – This premium page builder uses drag and drop method when designing a website.
  • Responsive design – Large screens (e.g. PCs) and small screens (mobile devices) can view your site with utmost clarity.

The Famita theme made it into our top 20 list because it comes with a lot of tools that make putting up a site exciting and easy as well. And so, in spite of being clean and minimalistic, this theme is also versatile. Also, if you have no knowledge of coding and shortcodes, you can still use this particular theme. The reason for this is that you don’t need coding skills to operate the theme – it comes with drag and drop methods and ready-made templates that make the whole process of setting up a website quick and easy.

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9. Hellen WordPress Theme

Hellen Minimalist WordPress ThemeHellen is a modern and stylish WordPress theme that can creatively display photography works and magazine styles of a site. This would make an attractive website for bloggers, newspapers, magazines, and even businesses (e.g. retailers). Below are just of the features it carries:

  1. 11 pre-made Homepages – You can choose from several styles of Homepages and change your choice as often as you like.
  2. Responsive design – It works for all types of computer devices and maintains its clarity in touchscreens.
  3. Retina-ready – The website and its content look sharp and clear (not pixelized).
  4. Translation-ready – You can find the .po file in the language main directory. Users can translate your website content into their own languages.

More features to expect from the Hellen theme:

  • Compatible with WooCommerce – You can use WooCommerce (free) if you want to set up an online shop.
  • Layout Styles – You can choose from a?full-width or boxed layout.
  • Live customizer – Fonts, colors, and more can be easily (and instantly) changed without using codes.
  • Google fonts – Fonts in the Google font library can be readily used.

Other things embodied in the Hellen WP theme:

  • Visual Composer – You get the Visual Composer plugin for free. It’s a drag and drop theme tool.
  • Slider Revolution – It comes with the Slider Revolution plugin for free. This tool will prove to be useful to you if you want to add sliders to your website.

With the Hellen WP theme, you can create a minimalist website using your own layout and content. Since no coding is required to use the theme, you can use the theme even if you know nothing about codes and shortcodes. It’s a user-friendly theme, to say the least.

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10. Bloggy WordPress Theme

Bloggy WP ThemeAs you may have already guessed, the Bloggy WordPress theme is mainly intended for blog and bloggers. Aside from having a minimalist characteristic, it also focuses on readability as blogs aim to have a lot of readers. And since most people access the internet through their mobile devices, the theme is also optimized for such an environment. Listed below are some of its most important features.

  1. HTML5 – It supports the latest version of HTML.
  2. CSS3 – The most updated CSS language is used in the theme’s coding.
  3. jQuery powered – The theme uses an up-to-date JavaScript
  4. 3 blog layouts – Choose from a layout with sidebar, layout without sidebar, or masonry layout. You can opt for the masonry layout if you want the Pinterest style of presenting your content.
  5. Unlimited sidebars – You can use a number of sidebars in styling your website.
  6. Complete blog system – This theme supports all types of post formats.

You like the Bloggy theme yet? To help you decide, here are some more features:

  • Cross-browser capability – Almost all versions of browsers are supported (e.g. Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Opera, Firefox).
  • Portfolio with Ajax technology – Items load quickly even in mobile devices.
  • Unlimited portfolios – The theme supports multiple portfolio designs.
  • SEO-ready – Ranking in search engines is made to be easier.
  • Translation-ready – .po file is included in the theme package to accommodate readers and followers from all over the world.
  • Custom settings – Easily customize the look and functionality of your site at the back-end of WordPress.

Well, we know that bloggers will particularly like these other features:

  • Responsive design – Accessing your website is smooth and not troublesome.
  • Google fonts – You get to access over 600 Google fonts when designing your website.
  • Video embed – The theme supports video embedding – so, you can use files from YouTube, Vimeo, etc.
  • Footer widgets – You can place up to 4 columns of footers to accommodate your needed widgets.
  • Social media icons – You can use more than 20 social media icons on your site.

If you’re a blogger, the Bloggy WordPress theme can be one of your options when choosing a minimalist theme. Now, even if you are not a blogger, but intend to have a blog page on your website – you can also consider this theme for your personal or business use.

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11. Vulcan WordPress Theme

Vulcan WordPress ThemeThe Vulcan WordPress theme will make a nice, minimalist business website. However, since it comes with a modern design, you can actually use it for any type of site. This theme features the following:

  1. 5 color schemes – With available colors of blue, orange, green, purple, and gray, you can customize your site’s look according to your preference.
  2. Theme options – Going to the back-end of the WP platform will enable you to choose from a lot of options when customizing your site.
  3. Contact form – It comes with a built-in Ajax contact form – so, you don’t need any other contact form plugin for your website.
  4. PSD included – You can edit images with photoshop.
  5. Documentation included – An instruction manual on how to use the theme (and all its components) is included in the package.
  6. 3 variations of slider – You have 3 options to choose from when using sliders on your site.
  7. Image slideshow – Choose from different styles of slideshows as another component for your website.

Here are more features from the Vulcan theme:

  • Cross-browser compatible – This theme works for Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.
  • Auto-image resizing – Changing the size of images on your site will not affect their quality (they’ll remain clear and sharp).
  • 8 widget places – You can customize the look of your site by choosing the designated places of your widgets.
  • 8 custom widgets – Vulcan theme has its own set of widgets that you can use as needed.
  • Portfolio page and pop-up light – Image and video sources are supported in the theme.

Other important components of the Vulcan theme are:

  1. Custom page templates – It comes with ready-made pages for the following sections:
  • About
  • Blog
  • Services
  • Portfolio
  • Contact
  1. Custom post type – You can build customized sections for posts on your site.

The Vulcan WordPress theme is truly a versatile and customizable theme. Its structure is suitable for any type of websites – however, we are recommending it as a business site.

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12. Minera WordPress Theme

Minera WordPress ThemeMinera is a minimalist WP theme that comes with an e-commerce platform. Therefore, it makes for a good site for online shops. If you’re putting up a business website for clothes, furniture,?and other similar items, this would be a good theme to consider. Let’s take a look at some of its features below.

  1. 1-click demo import – If you like one of their demo sites, you can clone it in making your own website.
  2. Translation-ready – If you want to reach out to a worldwide audience, you can do so by installing WPML (a multilingual plugin).
  3. Responsive design – The theme allows you to have a site that’s viewable on different types of devices.
  4. Free Visual Composer plugin – This drag and drop page builder is included in the theme for free.
  5. Cross-browser compatibility – Your site can be viewed on different browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari.

Keen on putting up an online shop using the Minera theme? If so, know that it also comes with these features:

  • Built-in quick viewer – Users will find it easy to go through your site (and your products).
  • Single product styles – Choose from different styles of presenting your products.
  • Add to cart – The theme comes with Add to Cart button.
  • Category layout – You can present your shop in different layout styles (full, boxed, or with sidebar).

Free plugins are also included in the theme – and it also supports third-party plugins. Here are some of them:

  • Visual Composer – This popular page builder plugin is included in the theme package.
  • Slider Revolution – This slider plugin is also included in the theme.
  • WooCommerce support – You can use WooCommerce with the Minera theme.
  • Wishlist – The Minera Wishlist plugin is integrated in the theme.
  • Contact form 7 compatible – You can install Contact form 7 plugin without having any trouble.

You can also expect these features from the Minera theme:

  1. 6 Header types – Choose from different Header styles when creating your site.
  2. 5+ footer layouts – Design your site’s footer area any way you want.
  3. 6 blog styles – Choose from the following when creating a blog page:
  • Default
  • List
  • Grid
  • Masonry
  • Grid
  • Zigzag

Although you can make all sorts of websites with the Minera theme, we recommend it for use in creating online stores and other similar venues. You can make an elegant site with it while keeping it minimalistic and user-friendly.

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13. Sirius WordPress Theme

Serius Minimalist WordPress ThemeIf you want to create a professional presence while having a minimalist-looking website, consider getting the Sirius WordPress theme. This theme uses HTML and coding for professionals and designers who want to further customize the theme. However, the theme also has ready-made templates and drag and drop technology for beginners and not-so-techie people. Here are some of its main features:

  1. Custom posts type for slideshows – Use slideshows to present your site’s content.
  2. Page templates – You can easily customize ready-made templates to add or delete certain functions.
  3. Portfolio templates – You can create portfolios with videos and images. A category filter can also be placed in order to get organize results.
  4. User-friendly shortcodes – For people who are not experts in creating codes, a simple coding system is included in this theme.
  5. Translation-ready – The theme comes with a .po file.

If you are considering getting the Serius theme, note that it also comes with the following:

  • Widget-ready sidebars – The sidebars are built to accommodate widgets.
  • 7 custom widgets – Choose the widgets that you need for your site.
  • Ajax contact form – The theme comes with a built-in contact form – you just need to enable it to make it function.
  • Gravatar support – Users can use their gravatars on your site.
  • Thread comment-ready – The theme supports conversation threads in a post.

Other things to expect from the Serius WordPress theme:

  1. Cross-browser support – Your site is viewable in different browsers (Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, FireFox, Opera).
  2. Admin options – Control your site’s design and content at the back-end of your WordPress platform easily.
  3. Responsive design – Content looks good on all types of devices.

You can use the Sirius WP theme for any business venue that calls for a minimalist design. Although you can make a very simple-looking website with this theme, it doesn’t mean that it’s a mediocre option. In fact, this is a very powerful WordPress theme that you can use any way you want.

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14. Centita WordPress Theme

Centita WP ThemeThe Centita WP theme is an ideal theme for a business website. Although it comes with a simple and minimalistic design, you can create a powerful site that’s easy to navigate as well. You can look at its main features below.

  1. Homepage variations – Choose the style of your Homepage (there’s a lot of options).
  2. Responsive design – Your site will look good when viewed from different devices.
  3. Theme options – Centita comes with several theme options to choose from when setting up your site.
  4. PSD included – You can work with your photoshop images.
  5. Custom post type – You can create taxonomies and group similar elements together.
  6. Category templates – You can create your own set of categories when designing your site.

Here are more features carried by the Centita WP theme:

  • Portfolio page – The theme supports videos and images in your portfolio page.
  • 8 widget places – It’s up to you to choose and position the widgets on your site.
  • Ajax contact form – It comes with a built-in contact form – there’s no need to download a plugin for your Contact page.
  • Gravatar support – Users can use their identity images when leaving comments on your posts.

Other useful components embodied in the Centita WP theme:

  1. Auto image resizing – Changing the size of images will not affect their quality.
  2. PSD files included – You can edit photoshop images.
  3. Well-documented – It comes with detailed instructions on how to use the theme’s features.
  4. Admin theme options – You can customize your site any way you like it from the back-end of WordPress.
  5. Cross-browser support – Users of different browsers (Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera) can access and view your site.

With a customizable theme like the Centita, you can create a minimalistic website without sacrificing quality and usability. In the end, you will have a site that you really like and your customers/ viewers will also find it to be user-friendly.

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15. MiniBuzz WordPress Theme

MiniBuzz Minimalist WordPress ThemeIf you’re planning on setting up a minimalist business website, consider the MiniBuzz WP theme. Your site will then be capable of having a 2-column presentation while maintaining a clean and simple interface. Also, if you have products to sell, you can use WooCommerce in conjunction with the theme. MiniBuzz has the following features:

  1. Responsive layout – Your site’s display can be clearly viewed from all types of devices (large and small screens).
  2. Retina-ready – Images will not appear to be pixelized.
  3. Homepage template – You can have a ready-made homepage by choosing from the theme’s options.
  4. Portfolio template – You can organize images and arrange them in a portfolio page.
  5. Testimonials template – If you want to include a testimonial page, there’s a template that you can use right out of the box.

Listed below are more features from the MiniBuzz WordPress theme:

  • Page templates – You can opt to present your site in full-width or with a sidebar.
  • Unlimited color customizer – You can choose the colors that you will use for your website.
  • Translation-ready – A .po file is included in the theme’s package.
  • Dropdown menu – You can create several levels of menu when customizing your site.
  • WPML compatible – You can set up a multilingual site.

The theme also carries the following features:

  1. Cross-browser compatible – Your customers/ clients/ visitors can view your site from any type of browser (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera).
  2. Documented – A set of instructions is included in the theme package explaining how to use the various features of the theme.
  3. Widget-ready – Choose the widgets you want to use for your website.

You can create a simple but stylish website with the MiniBuzz WordPress theme. It comes with customizable features – so, you can really come up with a site that will serve the needs of your customers.

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16. Better WordPress Theme

Better WP ThemeThe Better WP theme can make a really nice, minimalist business website. With its user-friendly design (which you can customize), it can work as an agency or industry site. Still, it has a flexible style that also makes it a good option for creating a personal site or blog. See the features below to get to know this theme a little better.

  1. Responsive design – If you are targeting a wide range of audience, know that this theme will look good when viewed from any device.
  2. Free Visual Composer – An otherwise paid (premium) page builder is included in the theme package.
  3. Free Slider Revolution – It comes with another premium plugin that you can use in creating customized sliders for your site.
  4. Retina-ready – Images on your site will always appear clear and sharp.
  5. Customizable – It comes with a theme customizer so that you can change the look of your site easily.

The Better WP theme also has these:

  • Unlimited portfolios – You can set up as many portfolios as your site needs.
  • Blog layouts – There are several layouts to choose from when creating a blog page.
  • WPML-ready – It is compatible with WPML plugin – so, you can make a multilingual website with the theme.
  • HTML5 – The theme is updated with the latest HTML.
  • Documented – Instruction manual is included in the package to help you understand how to use the theme.

With its useful features and high-quality designs, you can create a customized website for your business, blog, or personal site. The ability to use sliders can also help you build an online portfolio to present to your clients, customers and site visitors. Indeed, you have the power to create a minimalistic or elaborate website with the Better WordPress theme.

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17. Kossy WordPress Theme

Kossy WordPress ThemeAre you looking for a good minimalist theme to make an e-commerce website? Well, you can look at the Kossy WP theme and consider using it. With the various customization options of the theme, you can create your very own online shop for clothes, furniture, cosmetics, books, accessories and more. First, look at some of the top features carried by this theme.

  1. 10 Homepage layout – Choosing from the different layout options that the theme has, you can play with the way you design your site – especially your homepage.
  2. WPML compatible – You can easily make your business site multilingual.
  3. Blog layouts – You are presented with multiple choices of layouts for the blog section of your website.
  4. Demo content – You can build your website based on some of their sample demos.

If you are setting up an online shop, you can use the following:

  • Product quick-view – You can opt to go for a layout that showcases your products at one glance.
  • Search function – You can install a search bar for people who are looking for a particular product on your website.
  • Shopping cart – An add-to-cart feature is needed in an online shop – and this theme has one (built-in).
  • Product Wishlist – You can place a Wishlist option on your site so that people can save some of their wanted products and easily access them when they need to.
  • Carousel – You can display products and posts on a carousel. Not only is this an attractive and eye-catching element – the carousel also lets people view different products/ posts without leaving the page.

Other components found in the theme:

  1. WooCommerce compatible – You can use WooCommerce with this theme.
  2. Mega menus – The theme allows you to create several layers of categories on your menus.
  3. Responsive design – PC users, tablet users, and smartphone users can view your site with clarity.
  4. Social icon links – You can include social icons on your website and take advantage of connecting with social network sites.
  5. Error 404 Page – A template for Error 404 is included in the theme’s package.

Kossy is a powerful theme that provides you with great tools to customize your website. Also, because of its responsive design, people who are into using desktop devices, as well as those who use mobile devices, will find your site user-friendly and easy to manipulate.

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18. Danni WordPress Theme

Danni WP ThemeWith a modern, minimalist look, the Danni WordPress theme makes for a suitable choice for bloggers and businesses that focus on fashion, news, food, etc. Just look at its main features below to see if the theme suits your need:

  1. Popular posts navigation – The theme includes a module that you can set to showcase your most popular posts.
  2. Featured posts slider – You can handpick certain posts and feature them in a slider.
  3. 2 blocks Introduction – The theme provides 2 blocks (spaces) for you to introduce yourself and your business. Uploading images and putting links are also allowed in these blocks.
  4. Jetpack gallery – This feature works with the Jetpack plugin – so, you can display posts and images in a certain way.
  5. 2-column layout – If you want to imitate a newspaper publication, using the 2-column layout can display your posts and pages in said design.
  6. Suggested content dock – You can place your suggested posts at the bottom of an article.

More features to expect from the Danni theme:

  • WP 4.9+ compatible – You can use the theme with updated WordPress versions.
  • Responsive technology – The theme can smoothly present sliders and respond well to touchscreens.
  • Retina-ready – High-resolution screens appear beautifully with this theme.
  • Translation-ready – With the included .po file, the content of your site can be translated into different languages.
  • Live customization – Settings can be turned on and off during customization wherein you can set the fonts and colors (and other elements) on your site.

Other features to look out for in the Danni WP theme:

  1. Multi-layout design – The homepage and archive section of your site can be set in different layouts such as standard, list, and grid.
  2. Sticky sidebars – Your website’s sidebars can be made to float so as to be always seen. However, you can choose to disable this feature.
  3. Sidebar control – You can choose to position the sidebar to the left, to the right, or simply disable it (no sidebar).
  4. Content width – You can adjust the size of your content.
  5. Background image – This theme’s background image is customizable. The colors used on the site are also changeable.

Danni is a full-featured, highly customizable theme. With its minimalistic but powerful interface, business sites, blogs, and personal websites can be presented well.

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19. Haat WooCommerce

Haat WordPress ThemeAlthough the Haat theme is mainly designed for an e-commerce website, it will also work for other types of sites that want to focus on creativity and simplicity. Since this a WooCommerce-ready theme, you can use it to put up an online shop selling men’s clothing, women’s clothing, perfumes, makeup, and what have you. Also, because the theme is customizable, you can also use it as a blog. Listed below are some of its top features.

  1. KingComposer – The theme’s back-end editor will allow you to create a site that’s suitable for your business or personal needs.
  2. SEO-friendly – The HTML structure on the theme will help your site rank on search engines.
  3. Widgets – The theme package comes with several widgets that you will find useful for your site (e.g. archives, categories, and more).
  4. Drag and drop page builder – Easily create a website without coding knowledge.
  5. Cross-browser compatible – Sites using Haat WordPress theme can be viewed from different browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Opera.
  6. 1-click demo – You can clone a site demo when creating your site.

Here are some more of Haat’s features:

  • 4+ preconfigured Homepage – You can choose from several pre-made Homepages. These Homepages also come with different slider settings.
  • 5+ Header styles – There are various options to choose from when creating your site’s Header – it can be full-width, transparent, or sticky.
  • Logo position – Your business or personal logo can be placed anywhere you want (left, right, center, etc.)
  • Page title – You can customize page titles to be either shown or hidden. Even the color settings, fonts, spacing, etc. can be changed to exactly the way you want it.

What makes this theme versatile is that you can customize sections and settings on your site easily. You can drag and drop elements and no coding knowledge is required to do these. Furthermore, you can beautifully present product images in different styles and layouts. Yes, you can create a minimalist website using the Haat WordPress theme – and should you decide on making a more extravagant site, you can also do so with a few tweaks.

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20. Read WordPress Theme

Haat WordPress ThemeRead is a minimalist WordPress theme that is suitable for bloggers. The reason for this is that it’s designed to be ultra-readable because you know how blogs are – they are regularly updated with posts (and their readers are from all over the world). And so, this particular theme carries the following features:

  1. 3 blog layouts – Choose from a layout with sidebar, a layout with no sidebar, and a masonry layout (you know, like the Pinterest layout).
  2. HTML5, CSS3, and jQueary – It comes with updated codes and languages.
  3. Responsive design – Your site’s viewers can access your website using different types of devices.
  4. Blog system – The theme supports all types of post formats.
  5. Unlimited portfolio – You can create multiple pages of your portfolio.
  6. Gallery support – Image gallery is optimized for mobile use.

More things to expect from the Read WordPress theme:

  • Customizable settings panel – You can tinker with the options on the settings panel.
  • SEO-ready – The theme is coded cleanly and is easy to rank on search engines.
  • Translation-ready – A .po file is included in the package to enable translation of content in other languages.
  • Unlimited sidebars – You can design your site using a number of sidebars.
  • Footer widgets – You can create up to 4 columns in the footer section for widgets.

Other notable features of the Read theme:

  1. Google fonts – You can access over 600 fonts from the Google font library.
  2. Self-hosted HTML – Especially coded for audio and video files.
  3. Video embed support – You can embed videos from YouTube, Video, and other popular video sharing sites.
  4. Social Media icons – You can use at least 20 social media icons on your blog.

As you can see, the Read WordPress theme can help you build a minimalistic but stylish and well-functioning site. With its responsive web design, your blog’s followers will find it easy to access your latest posts (wherever they are).

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Which is the Best Minimalist WordPress Theme for You?

We know it’s not easy to choose a minimalist WordPress theme that’s most suitable for your kind of business (or intention). With the 20 WP themes we presented here, your choices are at least trimmed down to some of the very best. Good luck!